How We Work

The DIZ is a highly innovative and inclusive digital partnership jointly owned and created by large and small organisations together investing many hundreds of millions of pounds per year in serving local residents and businesses. The DIZ is not a legal entity in its own right but is comprised of many statutory bodies. The means that while the DIZ applies for funding collectively, the delivery of its work and these programmes is via one of the partners acting as an accountable body.

The partnership is led by the DIZ Executive Board comprised of an elected member and lead officer from each of the funding local authorities. The board is led by our Chair, Cllr Alan Lion (Epping Forest DC) and supported by a Vice-chair.

The DIZ Executive Board meets monthly.

The Executive Board identifies and pursues external funding opportunities, organises events eg. Smart Place Seminars and conferences, produces DIZ Matters, and evaluates the application locally of different digital approaches and technologies.

The DIZ Advisory Board is comprised of partners from across our place committed to the aims and objectives of the partnership and looking to work collaboratively to meet the digital challenge.

The Advisory Board meets monthly and looks at progress both strategically and on individual projects or workstreams that are being developed. (see Projects page)

The membership of the Board is continually evolving with new partners joining and is adopting a collegiate and open-door approach to organisations that are interested in becoming involved to support and shape the work of the DIZ.

Partners have asked that working digitally is not just about technology but also about adopting an agile approach to working.

The Board is often joined by organisations from across the region / outside the DIZ e.g. Chelmsford BC, Stevenage BC, WECAN, as well as numerous health, education and private sector organisations to explore opportunities for collaborative working.

Our Partners

Local Authorities
(District / Borough)

Broxbourne Borough Council
Lead: Duncan Haslam

East Herts District Council
Lead: Cllr Vicki Glover-Ward, Ben Wood

Epping Forest District Council
Lead: Cllr Alan Lion, Melissa Kemp-Salt

Harlow Council
Lead: Alison Fox

Uttlesford District Council
Lead: Cllr Neil Reeve, Sarah Lewin

Local Authorities (County)

Essex County Council
Lead: Cllr Lee Scott, Doug Parrant

Hertfordshire County Council
Lead: Cllr Bob Deering, Tony Gibbons

Health Sector

We work with partners from across the health landscape to explore the potential for digital to transform and underpin the future of healthcare. These include:

Herts + West Essex ICS

Essex Partnership University NHS Trust (EPUT)

Princess Alexandra Hospital

West Essex CCG

Voluntary Sector

Our voluntary and community sector partners are critical experts in the delivery of frontline digital services to those residents most in need, including those experiencing digital exclusion.

CVS Broxbourne & East Herts
Lead: Ian Richardson

CVS Uttlesford
Lead: Clive Emmett, Ali Firth

Rainbow Services
Lead: Sharon Summerfield

CDA Herts
Lead: Tim Hayward-Smith

Private Sector

Our partners from the private sector support the DIZ with access to real-world experience of digital applications and and understanding of key digital trends.

Lead: Donna Kelly, Stacey Van Bergen

Insight MCL
Lead: Abby Fisher

UK Innovation Corridor (UKIC)
Lead: John McGill

Education Sector

Partners from education are able to highlight key digital research topics and areas for exploration as well as providing key expertise on emerging digital issues and opportunities.

Anglia Ruskin University
Leads: Fiona Bodle, David Rutt, Sarah Bell

Harlow College
Lead: Paul Whitehead

Herts Regional College
Lead: Katrina Dougherty

New City College – Epping Forest
Lead: Janet Smith, Phil Hall

Associates: The DIZ has also worked to develop its agenda and deliver its work programme with the support and assistance of other organisations including: Microsoft, KAO Data, Public Health England, Arup, BT, Virgin, Gigaclear, Easel TV, DCMS, Cambridge Wireless, Herts County Council,  Vaden Solutions, Haileybury College, Chesterford Research Park. Whilst not partners to the DIZ the support and encouragement of bodies such as these is integral to the progress the DIZ has made to date and to its continuing efforts.