Digital Inclusion

The DIZ believes that, as digital continues to transform the way we work, play, shop and live, no-one should be left behind as a result of their particular circumstances.

Digital exclusion can occur in many ways and the DIZ will, wherever possible, support and develop interventions that can address this, with the ambition that everyone can become digitally included.

‘Leaving no one behind’ during digital transformation is vitally important so that our residents, service users and more vulnerable communities do not miss out. But this extends beyond our borders too. On our mission to be the best connected place of its type in the UK, we have been a beacon for 5G innovation safely and securely sharing our learnings and resources with other regions to advance the wider digital connectivity and inclusion mission across the breadth of the UK.

Digital Share

Working with partners in the community and voluntary sector at WECAN (West Essex Community Action Network), funding has been secured from NHS Charities to develop a digital platform that will address digital exclusion through:

  • the provision of reconditioned devices – laptops, PCs, smartphones etc. – for use by those most in need
  • the provision of digital skills support through a network of volunteers
  • the provision of connectivity through ‘paid for’ and donated packages of mobile data

The Digital Share Project is initially running as a pilot for two years and will be placing a particular emphasis on providing tailored support to access digital for people experiencing poor mental health and those from minority ethnic communities. The platform will, however, be widely available to the wider public  and aspires to become a ‘one stop shop’ for those facing digital exclusion as well as those supporting and referring those in need.

For more information please contact Ali Firth – Digital Inclusion Project Lead on 07578 665659 or by emailing