5G + Infrastructure

The DIZ has long held the ambition to be ‘the best connected place of is type’ in the UK.

On the journey to digital connectivity and inclusion – underpinned by 5G – no one region or organisation can go it alone. Our partnership approach enables everyone involved to seize the opportunities the digital economy presents to the UK and to tackle common issues across the country. It’s a jointly owned , true cross border, cross sector, multi agency collaboration, which bridges needs and aspirations and coordinates action to harness digital technology for the benefit of the economy, environment and society and the transformation of public services.

Working alongside Superfast Essex and partners at Hertfordshire CC, the area has already attracted significant investment in its fixed broadband fibre infrastructure and has excellent levels of coverage of both superfast and gigabit-capable broadband connectivity.

Ensuring ubiquitous connectivity, so that no-one and nowhere is left behind, requires an holistic approach across all forms of connectivity technology, including mobile communications. The DIZ is keen to maximise the impact that 5G technology might have and to promote its benefits. The DIZ has developed, with Mobile UK, a suite of co-branded guidance documents on 5G and will use these to promote 5G’s benefits, not only to local communities but also, to local authorities who are required to consider the impact of 5G infrastructure when being planned and built.

The DIZ also supports the Superfast Essex ‘Be 5G Smart’ campaign which aims to raise awareness of #5G – the fifth generation of mobile internet, as well as addressing some of the myths and misunderstanding that have arisen around this new technology and show the benefits it can offer.

The DIZ has also supported the DSIT Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Accelerator (DCIA) programme, which aimed to make better use of public sector assets such as buildings and street lamps to support the rollout of mobile communication technology. A member of the DCIA Early Adoption Group, it explored the learning gained from the DCIA pilot projects and how this could be applied to promote better use of local assets.

For more information please contact Mike Warr at mwarr@eppingforestdc.gov.uk or on 01992 564472