Digital Innovation Strategy

The DIZ Digital Innovation Strategy is the key strategic document that will shape and guide the work of the DIZ over both the short and longer term. It is supported by the public, health, education and community and voluntary sector organisations that are represented within the DIZ partnership and has been adopted as a strategic document by all five of the district and borough local authorities across the DIZ.

Developed in conjunction with Arup, the strategy will help the DIZ to deliver on its vision to be the best connected place of its type in the UK. A place of innovation and inclusion. A place where benefits of digital investment in the public and private sectors are harnessed, maximised and shared across residents, commuters, businesses and borders.

As well covering an in-depth analysis of the key assets of the DIZ, the strategy also explores its strengths and weaknesses and looks to explore digital opportunities through a series of operational and strategic recommendations. These recommendations will be developed into a comprehensive delivery plan that will enable the DIZ to maximise the digital dividend for its residents, visitors and businesses and to make the DIZ a go-to testbed area for government and private sector investment and initiatives.

Download a copy of the strategy.