Dear Colleagues

The message from Government and supported by us all  is “stay home, protect the NHS and save lives”.  By adhering to these principles the digital infrastructure, the applications and functionality it offers is being used like never before.

Digital based services were always considered to be for the future, but the future is now.  Digital platforms enable us to continue to deliver services whilst respecting the guidance and enabling our customers to access those services they require.

Economically speaking digital platforms are now at the centre of the country’s means to deliver, further strengthened by the UK telecoms industry commitment to the NHS  and organisations driven by the unprecedented demand generated by remote and distributed working during coronavirus pandemic.

This has brought into sharp focus that our processes need to be refined to ensure they are fit for purpose in this distributed world. Partners in the DIZ are continuing the work to invest in and expand digital capability throughout the crisis and beyond.

We are also pushing ahead on work with central Government and others to secure further investment, particularly targeting the health and care sector, which is at the forefront of all our thoughts. We are also in touch with national bodies such as the Local Government Association to share that learning with policy makers.

We are also continuing to meet together digitally and exchange information, refining approaches that are working best and the areas that we need to improve for the future.

We would like to know if there is anything you feel we can do better digitally, or if you would like to sign up to receive our weekly newsletter please contact

Best wishes to you and your families. Cllr Alan Lion, Chairman of the Digital Innovation Zone

Welcome to the Digital Innovation Zone

The Digital revolution will offer many opportunities but also pose many challenges to the nature of work, the viability of business and employment models, the way we deliver services and the way we live our lives.

In many ways the impact of the initial wave of the digital revolution is apparent to us all but what are the more profound changes to come and how can we prepare to maximise the benefits for and soften the harsher impacts of disruption?

The Essex & Hertfordshire Digital Innovation Zone (DIZ) has been created jointly by organisations from business, health, education, local authorities and the voluntary and community sector, each with a key role in making sure that our place, west Essex and eastern Hertfordshire, is ready to respond to the challenges and opportunities ahead.

This geography crosses many borders and the partnership crosses a number of sectors but it has in many ways a common business and health economy.

We want our place to be a beacon for the application of new technology, to use it to grow our economic prosperity and provide the best services to our local communities in the most efficient way.

The Digital Innovation Zone (DIZ) is the most joined up, comprehensive and inclusive partnership of its kind in the UK and together we are working to make it best connected place of its type in the UK.



“To be the best connected place of its type in the UK. A place of innovation and inclusion. A place where the benefits of digital investment...



The main DIZ Board is comprised of partners from across the geography committed to the aims and objectives of the partnership...



One of the key roles of the DIZ is to examine programmes and projects that have been successfully tested or applied in ‘smart cities’...



You can download copies of the executive reports from all of our seminars and some of the presentation resources delivered at the seminars...

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