The UK’s Innovation Corridor

UK’s Innovation Corridor sets out plan to drive collective technology adoption across the region

The adoption and use of technology are a vital contributor to economic growth and improved productivity. It’s no surprise that the demand for digital connectivity is accelerating exponentially.

As we enter a new decade, we are seeking to answer two questions:

1. Is the existing mandate for technology infrastructure fit for purpose? and
2. Are our businesses and public sector bodies adopting technology quickly enough?

The first question of ‘what is enough’ with regards to digital infrastructure (mobile, broadband etc.) there should be a national mandate to ensure that digital connectivity is ubiquitous and delivers where and when we need it.

The second is a broader question – both for the individual business and its technology adoption, but also how technology can accelerate economic growth and productivity – do we have the right skills to achieve this?

The UK’s Innovation Corridor is partnering with the North London Chamber of Commerce & Enterprise and the Essex + Herts Digital Innovation Zone to bring together a convened audience to tackle this topic and explore the potential for joint action at a corridor scale.

In this initial event we will showcase some key initiatives and insights across public and private sector. We will stimulate ideas, and then ask for input on what else can be done to expedite progress.

Who should attend

Businesses, councils and technology experts to discuss and architect a plan for delivery.

Some of the key questions we will be looking to answer will be: –

  • If we could do more, what would it be? What would we need to achieve more?
  • What does the private sector need? And does this correlate with the public sector targets?
  • How can we provide a consistent service along the corridor?
  • Should we lead on certain technologies e.g. AI?


We would like to invite you to be part of this discussion by joining us to hear key initiatives and get involved in the participant-led event at BT Tower, London on Tuesday 25th February 2020.

To secure your please and find out more, please follow the  link.

Date & Time:

Tuesday, 25th February 2020
12.30 – 17.30


BT Tower
60 Cleveland Street